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About us

The modern manufacturing plant where our conservatories are manufactured.

diy2go.com was created to enable customers to purchase the most up to date and technologically advanced, affordable DIY lifestyle products in one place- the comfort of your own home! diy2go.com allows you to purchase luxury products at a fraction of the fully fitted price. The team at diy2go.com have many years of experience in manufacturing, selling, marketing and distributing lifestyle and DIY products on a truly global scale. It is this expertise and experience that guarantees that the whole diy2go.com experience will be as enjoyable and simple as it is safe and secure.

diy2go.com's website is as innovative as our product range. We have invested heavily in a high tech database driven website, specifically designed with our customers in mind. We have developed a simple structure to enable customers to browse and choose their dream DIY Conservatories with little or no prior technical product knowledge- and as always on diy2go.com they are at DIY discount prices!

Many people feel that some DIY tasks are best left to the professionals, and they feel they don't have enough information to hand to be comfortable with the project. That is what makes diy2go.com so different to all other DIY stores, we offer loads of product support and backup in our store. What ever your problem, diy2go.com will have the answer. We don't just sell our products, we actually understand how they work and how to install them. To make sure you are comfortable with the DIY part of the project, diy2go.com have an in-depth product support section to the website for each product. They explain every aspect of your DIY project. The DIY Product Support section includes and explains everything from technical information and FAQ's to installing dream DIY conservatory! All using plain easy to understand English, plenty of pictures and diagrams, not just technical jargon. We believe that DIY should be enjoyable and easy as well as cost effective.

Your credit card security is very important to us. We have teamed up with RBS in order to offer you the highest possible online security, utilising the most up to date security technology. Streamline are part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. You can be assured that purchasing from us is safe and secure.

We are totally confident that anyone with even modest DIY skills will enjoy and manage one of our DIY projects. We supply all the required installation documentation, which is laid out in a straightforward step-by-step process. All this leaves you to do is to sit back, browse through our fantastic range of products and let your imagination take control!

Paul Windas
diy2go Ltd
Managing Director