Conservatory frequently asked questions

Why are your conservatories such good value for money?

  • There are a variety of reasons. Firstly we scoured the world to find sources of modern materials that are the least expensive. Then we designed the most popular size of conservatory with modular panels and roofs, and by keeping the options to a minimum means economies of scale keeps costs down. Lastly we reduce wastage costs by manufacturing in volume batches.

Is the conservatory product poorer quality than other similar in the market place?

  • Quite the reverse. We designed our conservatories to the very highest standards and only use top quality materials. To prove this we have had them tested to withstand the worst of UK weather by Taylor Woodrow Engineering (the industry authority that undertakes the most stringent examinations) and they passed with flying colours! They are, of course, also backed up with compliance to the appropriate British Standard.

Can I fit your pre-fabricated conservatory base?

  • Yes, it is very simple to fit either the full height glazing base (without dwarf wall) or the dwarf wall base. All components are factory manufactured for ease of assembly. Fitting the full height glazing base takes a few hours. The dwarf wall model will take an additional few hours.

Can the sizes shown be modified a bit?

  • Not for the value range of conservatories, simply because the more options we offer the higher the overhead costs. Our research confirms that our complete range will cover over 80% of customers' requirements. We can also however produce bespoke conservatories which cover the final 20% of the market, please contact us for details.

Do I have to apply for planning permission for my conservatory?

  • All the conservatories in our value range are less than 30m and therefore should not need planning permission except in certain listed areas or if your property has been extended previously by more than 20% of the initial floor area. We have provided more information under Planning, but it is complicated and we do advise you to check with your local authority if you have any doubts.

Are the conservatories really a "DO It Yourself" product?

  • Yes, we are unable to offer installation services. However, a competent average DIYer with help from a similar neighbour or friend should be able to assemble a building following the instructions over a weekend.

What would it cost me to employ a builder to build a base and erect the conservatory?

  • Depends on the extent of work that is required due to the site conditions, for example the depth of foundations needed. However, we have heard costs for the base and installation quoted between 1,500 and 2,500. Labour can be expensive, which is why we have responded to a demand for an easy to erect DIY product.

Can I have French Doors in any position?

  • French Doors can be placed in any two module position on the full height models and dwarf wall Victorian style but not immediately adjacent the corners to both the dwarf wall Edwardian and Lean2 models.

If I damage any part of my conservatory whilst assembling how soon can I have a replacement?

  • Pay by debit / credit card and we will dispatch parts within 24 hours. Please have the reference number at hand for any damaged parts. All parts and their reference numbers are detailed in the instructions, along with a contact telephone number

The products are sold as PVCu conservatories yet the roof sections and cills are made from aluminium. Is this incorrect sales terms?

  • Aluminium is considerably stronger than PVCu so we use it for certain sections, which ensures structural stability of the complete building. We also supply aluminium cills to provide a secure base fixing. The name 'PVCu' is generic and simply refers to the material used for the panels and doors.

Is it safety glass in all the panels and doors on the conservatory?

  • Yes, all our double glazed units are manufactured from toughened glass and carry the appropriate marking.

Can I have glass in the conservatory roof?

  • We can supply glass roofs in all our bespoke conservatories. Unfortunately in the value range it is an option that we are unable to provide. We decided to use opal multiwall polycarbonate panels because of their high thermal performance, although it is 25mm thick compared with only 16mm that most competitors use.

Does the 10 year manufacturers guarantee cover everything?

  • We are more than happy to offer a manufacturers no quibble 10 year guarantee for the conservatory. Obviously we cannot guarantee the workmanship of the actual installation but there should be no problem if the conservatory has been erected in accordance with the fitting instructions.

If I get into trouble erecting the conservatory can I arrange for assistance?

  • We have tried very hard to accommodate all eventualities. We have a Trouble Shooter section, and then if this doesn't resolve the problem we have a technical helpline. The contact number for this is included within your instructions. If all else fails we can arrange for an experienced engineer to call and inspect the building but this will incur a charge of 199.99 INC VAT. Of course, should the problem be associated with a manufacturing fault the money will be refunded and the problems resolved free of charge.

If I want to alter a value range product myself to suit my building what is your response?

  • Altering the value range product is not recommended because it could affect the structural stability and safety of the conservatory. Therefore, your guarantee would become null and void. We do however offer a full bespoke product offer. Please contact us for details.

Does it matter if my conservatory base is an inch or two out?

  • Yes, it certainly could matter. A correctly built base is most essential if the finished building is to be built satisfactory. Only normal brickwork building tolerances should be allowed.

Will my conservatory be totally burglar proof?

  • No building can be guaranteed to be burglar proof despite the precautions that we have taken in the design. Each sash is fitted with a multipoint locking system as is the French door. The glass is held in place with high security double sided tape to prevent removal. All steps have been taken to dissuade the would-be intruder. We are confident that we have made a forced entry difficult; we offer 1,000 cash back for break in that is gained via the door or window hardware being forced on our value range of conservatoires. Any other forced entry such as glass breakage is not covered by this cash back offer.

What dimensions do you use?

  • Our dimensions are always shown as
    - WIDTH the dimension across the house.
    - DEPTH the projection into the garden.