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Adding Bi folding doors to our DIY Conservatories

Adding Bi folding doors to our DIY Conservatories
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Posted: 19/02/2016 09:02
Synopsis: We offer a range of bi folding doors which can span up to 6 metres across the front of our DIY conservatories and an unlimited width with the use of a portal frame. In this article we evaluate how much this is likely to cost and the alternatives if your budget does not stretch that far!

We offer 3 and 4 pane bi folding doors doors in our standard range which are supplied with the appropriate reinforced eaves beams and support posts. The 3 pane will provide and opening of up to 2763mm and the 4 pane 3655mm. Once you go above these size openings the you will need to purchase from our warm core range or consider the use of a portal frame.

The approximate cost to add bi folding doors to the conservatories we have showing on our site is 2000 for a 3 pane and 2600 for a 4 pane. With our DIY conservatory prices being so low this does represent quite a big increase in the cost but is a fantastic way to incorporate your garden space into an extended living space, when the weather permits!

A less expensive alternative if bi folding doors are stretching your budget too far is to consider the inclusion of an additional set of French doors. We can supply French doors up to 1800mm wide and an additional set can be placed at the side of the included doors with door restrictors allowing them to open to 90 degrees. An additional set of French doors will cost approximately an additional 350 so might be a solution for those with a tight budget.

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