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Building a conservatory on unlevel ground

Building a conservatory on unlevel ground
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Posted: 12/11/2015 16:48
Synopsis: You may have considered the addition of a conservatory, but have been put off because the proposed site has a steep slope or has obstacles such has man hole covers or drainage. Our DIY conservatory steel base and dwarf wall system can remove these issues allowing you to build any style of conservatory....

Because our steel bases are built bespoke for you they can be constructed to go around obstacles and with provisions for future access to drainage points. We have sold many of our bases to customers looking to get around these issues.

If the proposed site for your conservatory has a slope or steep drop then this does not cause any issues when constructing your dream extension. The steel base can be designed to have variable size legs / stilts allowing you to construct one any gradient of slope. Our experienced staff will talk through your requirements an advise accordingly to ensure you have everything you need to complete your project.

Before you commit to a traditional bricks and mortar base price up our system and compare the cost of our conservatory steel bases. Our research shows the price to include labour of a traditional concrete base system is very similar to our system. The main benefits of using our base system are that fact that it requires little digging, creates far less mess and the construction time is dramatically produced.

If you require a dwarf wall then you may be concerned at hoe realistic the base will look once completed. Our modular dwarf wall uses real brick slits. There are approx 30 different colour / texture choices available and you even get to match your existing mortar colour. We can send free samples of the closest matching slits allowing you to offer this up against the existing brick work to ensure you get the best possible match. Please see this link for more information or call us on 0161 320 000 and our friendly team will be pleased to answer any questions or get you a quick no obligation price.