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Celsius Glass for Diy Conservatories

Celsius Glass for Diy Conservatories
Category: Conservatories
Posted: 17/06/2016 07:59
Synopsis: We supply mains different grades of glazing in our DIY Conservatories from a standard 28mm toughened safety glass to high performance Celsius elite glazing.

Choosing the right glazing for your conservatory can be a mine field with several different options dependant on the customer requirements and budget. Celsius glass has been developed and perfected over 35 years for the use in conservatories and doors. The use of Celsius glass has brought to an end the age old problems of keeping a conservatory warm in the winter and not too hot in the summer.

U - VALUES are the measurement used to calculate heat loss during colder periods (the lower the better) and there are often minimum values to satisfy planning or building control requirements. The best Celsius product, Celsius Elite, boasts a U - value of just 0.9 compared to a poly-carbonate roof with typically has a U value of 1.75.

SOLAR FACTOR - is the measurement of the percentage of solar energy (heat) that passes through a product during hotter spells. Celsius Elite allows just 22% versus a poly-carbonate product with has a solar factor of 55%

Obviously the use of the most expensive glass might not suit everyone's needs or budget but we can help you decide. Call our experts (not salesmen) who can discuss your needs and the pros / cons of all of the different choices available to you when choosing your DIY conservatory.