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DIY Conservatories - bespoke options

DIY Conservatories - bespoke options
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Posted: 27/11/2015 14:34
Synopsis: Many of those who are looking to add a DIY conservatory have specific project requirements that will need to be catered for. Our bespoke range of conservatories are made to measure and we offer a long list of upgrades and can cater to the specific needs your conservatory may require. We get many different requests so have a vast experience of dealing with the bespoke requirements of our customers.

Here are some of the requests we have dealt with in the past:

  • Can I have a soil pipe coming down through the conservatory roof? - Yes, if you are installing a polycarbonate roof then you can purchase a sleeve that fits around the soil pipe creating a water proof seal - these cost approximately 35 - 40
  • Can the doors be located on a different side? Yes - not only can the doors be located wherever you choose, you can chose between single, French (included as standard), Patio (sliding) or bi-folding. You can also choose to add additional doors to your order for use on the conservatory or to replace the doors between the house and the conservatory.
  • Can I have a full height wall section? Yes, our conservatories can be supplied with any height wall on any side whether you are building your own wall or using our base system. You can also choose an infill panel or frosted glass or any combination of these.
  • Can I alter the pitch of the roof to fit under the existing soffit? Yes, the design and pitch of the roof can be tailored to your needs with a minimum roof pitch of 2.5 degrees. We also have a range of double hipped roof options.

    Please can us now to discuss your special requirements and our team will be happy to provide a no obligation quotation.