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DIY Conservatories - Extra living space

DIY Conservatories - Extra living space
Category: Conservatories
Posted: 16/09/2016 09:56
Synopsis: What will you do with the extra space a DIY Conservatory will add to your home?

We receive enquiries from customers looking to add additional living space to their home for a variety of different reasons. Some are looking to add a small porch area, some a dining room and others looking to connect a garden room.

The intended use of your bespoke DIY Conservatory will likely determine the right glazing product and budget for your project. For instance if you are planning to use the additional space as an extension to your garden, mainly using it on warm days with the doors or bi fold doors open, may not wish to invest heavily in a high performance glass. Alternatively you may be planning to use the conservatory as a dining area all year round - then an investment in a better performing glass in terms of heat penetration and loss makes sense. You would not want to be entertaining guests in sub tropical or arctic temperatures!

We can offer advice on all of the different glazing options and the use of the conservatory and budget will be major factors in the recommendation we make. We can customise your conservatory based the intended use or budget to ensure you make the right conservatory purchase. Most people will only every purchase one or two conservatories in a lifetime so why not take advantage of or 10 years experience of supplying DIY Conservatory products. We do not employ salesmen and our representatives are trained to offer advise based on customer requirements not a bonus! Call us now or use the online chat functionality for advise on your conservatory purchase .