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DIY Conservatory base optional extras

DIY Conservatory base optional extras
Category: Conservatories
Posted: 15/04/2016 17:17
Synopsis: All of our conservatories are made to measure your requirements and dwarf wall models can be supplied with plasterboard and insulation.

Our manufacturers can create DIY conservatory bases with full height walls, stepped sections of walls or a combination to meet your specification. We can amend the height of brick skirts to deal with uneven terrain with a choice of plain, ready to render and brick finish. The wall sections can be supplied with a choice of 30 different brick colours and textures and you also get to choose the colour of the mortar joins. If you would like to see the brick in the flesh just drop us a line and we will arrange for free samples to be sent.

New - we can now offer the supplier of plasterboard and wall insulation for the dwarf wall sections of the conservatory which would be delivered with the floor insulation and floor boarding. As our team for the price of this when you place your order to ensure you have everything you need on site to complete you DIY conservatory project.