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DIY Conservatory Options

DIY Conservatory Options
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Posted: 01/12/2016 09:53
Synopsis: Our DIY conservatories are available with various options to suit the individual needs of our customer.

At DIY2GO we are conscious that our buyers are looking to purchase a quality DIY conservatory product at the right price. Unwanted upgrades offered by pushy salespeople can leave a customer unsure of the right decision to make with regard to conservatory glazing, roof options and other available 'extras'.

Each of the conservatories on our site are priced with standard specification which will include: Double glazed toughened safety glass, 25mm Polycarbonate roof, French doors and 2 top light opening windows. We then list various options so you can tailor your conservatory to your needs. If you view any of the products we have on our website you will note the various options which are available in the options area beneath the price. Please see below some of the options and some thoughts on which you might choose:

Conservatory Glass Window Upgrade
As standard your conservatory will be supplied with a high quality double glazed toughened safety glass. Here you are given the option to upgrade to argon filled, Low e coated and Celsius performance glass depending on your requirements.

Additional Opening Windows
We include 2 opening windows in the initial costing for your DIY conservatory. You can add as many as you like here and the cost will update. The size of the conservatory will normally dictate the number of opening windows you will need / want.

UPVC Colour
Our conservatories are available in various colours. If the colour you would like is not listed here then contact us a line as this may well be available. We list the most popular choices with the difference in cost. Simply choose your preference and the price will update.

Conservatory Roof Vents
Our DIY conservatories are available with roof vents. We can add manual, electric and thermostat controlled roof vents to your order. A roof vent will quickly release heat during hotter days in the summer and provide a good way to improve air circulation in your conservatory.

Additional Doors Within your Conservatory
We offer various configurations of windows and doors in your bespoke conservatory design. Use this section to price up adding an additional single of double door to your conservatory (remember, one set of double French doors are already included)

Stand Alone Doors
You can also add additional doors to your order - Use this option if you are looking to replace doors which do not make up a part of the conservatory - for instance if you would like to replace the existing door between the house and the conservatory.

Conservatory Roof Options
Last but most definitely not least you have the option to select different materials and quality of roof glazing. Given most of the heat is lost and gained through your roof, this might be the most important option of all. As standard the conservatory will have a 25mm opal polycarbonate roof. You can upgrade to 35mm polycarbonate, glass or various performance glass including Celsius & Pilkington performance products. Check our performance conservatory glass page or contact us for so sound advice on the pros and cons of the different choices.