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Portal Frame Diy Conservatories

Portal Frame Diy Conservatories
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Posted: 17/12/2015 12:01
Synopsis: We have seen increased demand for larger DIY conservatories which require a portal frame. This type of project will require a better level of DIY knowledge or a tradesman to assist in the construction but will ensure there are very little limits in terms of the size of your conservatory project...

We have supplied conservatories of varying sizes for both residential and commercial customers for over 10 years. We have noted an increase in demand for larger, more bespoke DIY conservatories for the use over swimming pools, on commercial premises (public houses, restaurants and offices) and for those looking to extend their homes with a larger than normal conservatory.

A portal frame system is used when you are trying to bridge a gap to wide for a standard conservatory system. The portal frame is designed to take the weight of the roof on conservatories over 4 to 5m (depending on style.) Portal frames are also used when you are looking for bi-folding doors to span over 3.5m.There may be special foundation requirements and we supply information relating to the across the quote process. A portal frame will increase the cost of the conservatory by approx 25% but will still probably represent a massive saving on a conventionally built bricks and mortar extension.

If you are looking to add a large conservatory to your property then feel free to call our experts. There is of course no obligation but our team can discuss the viability of your project and give you an idea of the likely costs.