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See our top planning tips

See our top planning tips
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Posted: 18/05/2015 10:40
Synopsis: The simplest way to create additional living space is by adding a conservatory to your property. We've collected the best tips for project planning a DIY conservatory from our 10 years experience!

Day-to-day use

Think about its use. Are you looking for a playroom, an office, a garden room...? Whatever the response, this should help you determine which design, specification and size will work best for you.

About the position

The look of your conservatory is important during planning but also the where this will sit. If your conservatory is south facing and receives the most sun then the need for adequate ventilation should be considered. You should maybe consider using Celsius performance glass in the roof if you think the excess heat during the summer might be an issue.

Bigger isn't always better

Once you've decided on the layout and size, check it flows in a general look of the house. Ensure it doesn't take up to much of your garden space. Marking out the location of the conservatory can help you visualise the most appropriate size for your location. Check out our tool to visualize how the conservatory might look Visualize it.

Choose your materials smartly

You will find various glazing upgrades which might affect your project cost dramatically! Consider the frequency of use and the likely cost to heat against the cost of the upgrade before you buy! If you opt to upgrade the glazing then we recommend Celsius performance glass that gives you the balance between raising inside temperature on summer days without reducing it in winter.

Ventilation. Donít forget!

If you want to enjoy your conservatory event in the hottest of days, ensure that you have adequate ventilation. You can choice between roof vents, roof fans, extra opening windows or additional doors to help with allowing cool air in during hotter days.