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Solid Roof DIY Conservatories

Solid Roof DIY Conservatories
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Posted: 24/04/2017 08:21
Synopsis: We are a supplier of the Celsius Solid Roof from the leading manufacturer Synseal - Quality, style and performance at a price that's right.

The Celsius solid roof is roof consisting of an all timber frame, a king span insulation and a choice of different coloured tiles and internal soffit options. Every solid roof we supply is completely bespoke and made to order to meet your projects needs. The revolutionary and patented design means a speedy and hassle free install and a weather tight installation can be achieved in a matter of hours.

The thermal performance of Celsius Solid Roof creates a fantastic living space which brings warmth and comfort no matter the weather. Keeping the warmth in during the winter and providing a cooler environment during the summer, you can be sure that you will get the maximum use from the living space you create with a Celsius Solid Roof.

The Custom-made nature of all our solid roofs mean they are ideal for replacing an existing conservatory roof as the are precisely manufactured to fit your project and delivered in kit form for onsite assembly. The Celsius Solid Roof has been thoughtfully designed to ensure a quick installation which will keep installation costs / hassle to a minimum.

DIY2GO aim to offer a complete range of conservatory products and are specialists in the design and supply of DIY Conservatories, Solid Roof Conservatories, Bi-folding doors and Orangery's - Contact us now for a no obligation chat about your project.