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DIY Steel Base Dwarf Wall Options

DIY Steel Base Dwarf Wall Options
Category: Conservatories
Posted: 21/10/2016 09:49
Synopsis: Our DIY bases are available with bespoke heights of wall and several different brick colours.

All of our conservatories are bespoke and made to measure to your requirements. When purchasing your conservatory with our easy to install steel base and dwarf wall system you can choose the height of the dwarf wall. The industry standard height of dwarf wall is 525m or 600mm which is 7 or 8 bricks high. You can choose to increase or decrease this to the desired height which usually works best in increments of 75mm (the height of a single brick) - there are over 20 different bricks to choose from and free samples can be sent so you can ensure you get the best match

If you wish you can have full height wall sections of step the walling down, our have sections of the conservatory with no wall at all and full height conservatory frames.

As standard our DIY conservatory bases are supplied with a 150mm brick skirt which conceals the face of the steel work and the gap between the base and ground. This can also be tailored to meet your requirements. So if the ground is uneven the skirt will be made to measure and where required steel extension legs added.

The cost of purchasing a steel base or steel base with dwarf wall system will be in line with the cost of a conventional bricks and mortar base. The benefits of using our base system are the removal of the requirement for 1m deep foundations around the perimeter of the proposed site, easy and speedy installation and no need for skips. Our bases are manufactured for a perfect fit with our DIY conservatories.