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The history of conservatories

The history of conservatories
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Posted: 26/06/2015 13:01
Synopsis: Have you ever wondered how and why conservatories have become so popular in the UK? Click to find out more about the when conservatories were first used and why they are now common place in gardens up and down the country...

Nowadays when we talk about conservatories we often mean an additional living space such as a garden room, dining room or office.... Back in the 17th Century, Victorian European families who travelled around Europe would bring back tropical specimens of plants that needed a warm environment to survive. This led to then build conservatories, as known like Orangeries, to provide a suitable environment for orange and lemon trees.

The word conservatory originates from the term conservation + ory (1560s.) In the early part of the nineteenth century conservatories had been exclusive for the aristocracy. The conservatory was conceived originally for protect their plants. With time, it was surrounded by a sign of elegance and status. With the industrial revolution and the increasing interested in the study of plants conservatories entered in the public life housing magnificent indoors gardens. The social climate was changing and conservatories arrived to the middle class, however, the austerity of the great depression of the twentieth-century marked a turning point in conservatories constructions as the costs of the glass was then prohibitive.

The modernist and post-modernism tendency was incoming during the next decades. Interest in nature helped to reintroduce conservatories with more ornate greenhouses and sun spaces in homes and gardens From the 17th century to current day, the functionality of conservatories has really changed, from a greenhouses to protect orange trees to extra living space (currently we find the balance of temperature and ventilation that allows a lot of functions.)

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