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Why choose Celsius glass for your DIY Conservatory?

Why choose Celsius glass for your DIY Conservatory?
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Posted: 17/01/2017 13:32
Synopsis: Why choose Celsius glass for your DIY Conservatory? Customers are more aware now than ever that a glazed roof will tend to weather better and have a generally longer life span but with various brands on the market why should you choose Celsius glazing?

Compared to standard polycarbonate, a glass roof on your DIY conservatory will help cut out road and rainfall noise and if the glass unit is argon filled this will further reduce noise penetration.

Celsius glass was one of the first on the market to combine both heat reflective and insulation technologies together, resulting in a truly high performing glazing option for DIY Conservatory roof's. Since then further improvements have been made including self cleaning properties.

All of the Celsius range of glazed units are kite Marked to BSEN1279-2 and toughened units to BSEN12150-1 Meaning you can be assured you are receiving a quality glazed unit every time. Providing the correct installation and maintenance procedures are followed a 10 year guarantee is offered to cover seal failure.

We offer a wide range of glazing brands in our DIY conservatory range to meet varied requirements and budgets. We have found that Celsius high performance glass offers great value for money and generally an unrivalled product in terms of performance versus price.

Please feel free to call us for more technical data on the various different products or visit our conservatory glazing page to read more.

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