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Conservatory Climate Control

Conservatory Climate Control
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Posted: 23/11/2015 09:49
Synopsis: How will you ensure that your conservatory fits your needs and budget when it comes to heat loss in the winter and the oven effect in the summer?

You will be presented with many different options of frame and roof materials when choosing your diy conservatory. There is a fine balancing act required when making your window frame and roof options to ensure that you new living space is practical for the intended use.

Most of the heat within a conservatory is gained or lost through the roof. The cheapest roof option on the market is a 25mm polycarbonate roof (also available for a small price increase in 35mm) A standard polycarbonate actually performs better than a standard glass at both keeping the heat both in and out, but has its drawbacks. Polycarbonate conservatory roofs can prove more difficult to clean and are not the quietest during heavy rain. Also a polycarbonate roof is not perhaps as durable a a glass option.

If you are looking for a glass roof there are many options of specification, all varying in price. It is worth doing your homework here as the use of the space, frequency of use and budget should determine which performance glass you choose. We sell a range of Celsius and Pilkington glass which each have different heat loss and reflection values. Please see our glass guide for more information on the benefits of a more expensive roof option.

You will also have a choice of different window frame glazing. This is not as important as the roof option chosen, however should be balanced. I.e. if you were selecting the most expensive roof option you may lose a lot of the benefits is you have a standard glass. Our team are always available to have a non obligation conversation about our expansive conservatory glazing range.