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P-Shape Conservatory Installation Videos

p-shape Conservatory

P-Shape Diy Conservatories - Installation Videos

Please find below a selection of installation videos that walk you through the simple installation procedure for DIY2Go's unique DIY Conservatory products. Our conservaotires have been designed with the DIY'er in mind.

01: General Disclaimer

02: Sill Installation - P-Shape

  • Sill Installation - 1: Base Sill Installation
  • Sill Installation - 2: Sill Connectors
  • Sill Installation - 3: Fixing Sill

03: Fitting Windows

  • Fitting First Windows - 1: Fitting Panels
  • Fitting First Windows - 2: Fitting First Panels
  • Fitting Windows In A Straight Run - 1: Fitting Intermediate Panels
  • Fitting Windows In A Straight Run - 2: Adjustable Connectors

04a: Fitting 135 Degree Corner Posts

04b: Fitting 90 Degree Corner Posts

05a: French Door Installation

French Door Installation: Positioning Outer Frame

05b: Patio Door Installation

Patio Door Installation: Positioning Outer Frame

05c: Patio Door Installation

Patio Door Installation: Fixing To Eaves Beam

06: Eaves Beam Installation - P-Shape

  • Box Gutter Installation
  • Eaves Beam Installation
  • Ridge Installation
  • Glazing Bar Installation
  • Quarter Boss / Variable Wall Plate
  • Valley Installation
  • Jack Rafter Installation

07: Tie Bar Installation

08: Ridge Capping to Roof Glazing - P-Shape

  • Ridge Capping
  • Ridge Capping: Fitting the Ridge Cover
  • Primary Seal to Host Wall
  • Roof Glazing

09: Muntin Bars Installation

10: Aluminium Vents

11: Roof Glazing Continued - P-Shape

12: Glazing Bar Caps - Guttering

  • Glazing Bar Caps
  • Glazing Bar End Caps
  • Guttering Installation

12b: Fitting Gutter Trims and Adaptors

13: Trims and Finishing - P-Shape

14a: Glazing Patio Doors

14b: Fitting French Doors

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