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Steel Base & Dwarf Wall

Install your conservatory what ever the weather with our simple to install and very cost effective Steel Base and Dwarf Wall modular system.

steel conservatory base panelThe all year round building system for conservatories and garden buildings The diy2go steel conservatory base system simplifies the whole conservatory installation process.
Ask yourself the following questions ‘Why would I want to build my steel conservatory base and dwarf wall traditionally?’, ‘Would I want to have JCB's in my garden and flower beds, along with huge pre-mix concrete lorries ruining my drive?’,‘ Would I want piles of bricks on my garden?’
The diy2go steel conservatory Base system is designed to be built during periods of low temperature or difficult weather conditions. This means that you can erect the complete conservatory from the ground up at any time of year, in one continuous process, without worrying about damage caused by wet or cold conditions. diy2go's system provides the perfect solution to the unpredictability of the British climate, with the installation procedure eliminating the problems experienced when building traditional foundations.

Steel conservatory base

steel conservatory base image- features and benefits:
  • Custom made to your precise measurements and accurate angles
  • Easy to carry and small enough to be taken through the house if necessary
  • Perfect for DIY or Professional on-site installation
  • Supplied with comprehensive installation instructions
  • Complete with a 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • Totally indistinguishable from a conventional build
  • Requires no skips to remove spoil, as major earthworks are not required
  • Can be fit over existing patios (no need to dig up tons of concrete)
  • Manholes and drains can be left in place
  • Can be dismantled, with conservatory or garden building, and re-erected elsewhere
  • Caters for uneven and sloping sites with ease

Steel conservatory base site suitability

easy base ukThe system is especially suitable for the following types of site conditions:
  • Sites with existing drainage pipes and covers, as they do not need to be relocated
  • Sites with difficult soil conditions, as there’s no need for large scale excavations
  • Sites with difficult access (i.e. terraced or linked houses)
  • Sites where the ground level to DPC is greater than 150mm
  • Sites with mature gardens which need preserving

The system provides a quick and easy way to construct your walls. Walls are pre-clad and only require bridging tiles applied on site, plus grouting Even before tile application, walls are totally waterproof Available in a range of brick finishes, or as plain board for rendering

How to order the diy2go steel conservatory base system

steel base conservatoriesWe have priced up the steel base system online for our complete "Modular conservatory range" These prices can be found in the product details section of each individual product. For the bespoke range, please visit the steel base category on our website.
In order to provide an accurate quotation to supply the system, we need the following information:
For Bases: 
The style of the base. i.e. rectangular, square, Victorian or P-shaped The external brick dimensions of the base (manufacturer’s base plan) If there are drains or inspection covers on the site The distance between ground level and internal floor level
For Walls:
The height of the wall above DPC The location of the doors and the width of the doors The type of finish. i.e. rendered or brick. If brick, then state brick type

The simple installation procedure for our steel base system

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Brick Choices